Version Information

Version 5.0.0

1)Delete Rights issue in all module
2)Fore Close Report changes
3)GRN wise Delete option
4)Balance Sheet load issue solve
5)Item wise stock report - add Material wise filter
6)Form 201 A,Form 201 B,Appendix 1 and appendix 2 report Calculation issue solve
7)Cancel PO changes and Dealer PO report add status for see cancel PO
8)Stock summary report changes related to rate calculation
9)Available Stock label remove for dealer in Dealer PO and Dashboard control
10)TDS Configuartion Can not create duplication entry
11)Production Planning Load issue-Solve
12)Add new report Production Ready stock report
13)JobOut and JobIn Print changes
14)Add JobSheet No in Code Increment in site Configuration

Version 4.0.0

1)Detailed Trial Balance report
2)Statistic Report

Version 3.0.0

1)Party wise Chair parts(RG-23) report
2)Sales Invoice CForm Update Module
3)Add report for Reconcilation
4)CForm Report
-CForm Receivable for sales
-CForm Received for sales
-CForm Receivable for purchase
-CForm Received for purchase

Version 2.0.0

1) Journal Entry Report
2) Registar Entry Report
3) Monthly Report
4) Bills OutStanding Report
5) Ageing Wise Report
6) Stock Report
7) Movement Analysis
8) Purchase Report
9) Item Stock Report
10) Appendix I
11) Appendix II
12) Vat Computation Report
13) Form 201 A Report
14) Form 201 B Report
15) Form 201 C Report
Contra Voucher Ctrl+Alt+C
Journal Voucher Ctrl+Alt+J
Purchase Voucher Ctrl+Alt+P
Delivery Chalan Ctrl+Alt+D
Sales Invoice Ctrl+Alt+M
Return Invoice Ctrl+Alt+R
Cash Flow Ctrl+Alt+F
Credit/Debit Note Ctrl+Alt+N
Kasar Ctrl+Alt+K
Item Production Planning Ctrl+Alt+I
Check List Ctrl+Alt+L
Item Production Stock Ctrl+Alt+S
Quality Check Ctrl+Alt+Q

Version 1.0.0

1) BOQ Module
2) Accounting Module
3) Inventory Module
4) Employee Module